If your research grant application is accepted, there are specific requirements you must fulfill at key milestones to continue receiving funding. The Interim and Direct Research Grants requirements are the same unless otherwise stated. 

You receive funding by achieving key milestones. Most researchers complete projects within 12 months. If necessary, you can request a longer term for your research project on your grant application. 

Grant Approval

The Aesthetic Foundation pays 25% of the total grant amount upon receipt of the payee’s name, address, and proof that an IRB is in place (proof of IRB exemption can also be provided). If we do not receive the payee information and proof of IRB within six months after the grant approval date, the Board reserves the right to deny funding of the grant, and you will need to re-apply for the grant. In the case of an exemption to IRB requirement, please provide the proper documentation.

Progress Report #1 

You must submit a progress report to hello@theaestheticfoundation.org that includes completion status, initial learnings, financial reporting, and any other information you feel is appropriate to receive the next 25% of funding. Typically, this step happens around the 6-month mark. However, If research progresses faster, you can complete this step earlier. Or, if you need more time, you can request an extension.

Progress Report #2 

You must submit another progress report to hello@theaestheticfoundation.org to receive the next 25% of funding. Typically, this step happens before the 12-month mark. If you need more time, you can request an extension.

Spotlight on Research 

Spotlight On Research is an Aesthetic Foundation-sponsored forum at The Aesthetic Meeting held each Spring in which you must present your in-progress or final research findings. Each grant recipient must participate in Spotlight on Research at least once during the grant cycle. Spotlight on Research is an opportunity for you to inform the aesthetic community of new learnings and implications that may impact aesthetic practices and the future of the industry. The Aesthetic Foundation committee will contact you to schedule your presentation time.

Submission to ASJ

Before publishing research, all applicants must submit a manuscript to the Aesthetic Surgery Journal (ASJ). ASJ will have the first right of refusal. If ASJ selects your manuscript, they will publish it. If ASJ chooses not to publish your manuscript, you can submit it to other publications. You must acknowledge The Aesthetic Foundation’s grant support in all oral or written papers. 

Research Completion

Once you complete your research project, you must submit a final progress report to hello@theaestheticfoundation.org with a budget reconciliation to receive the remaining 25% of funding. As a condition of funding, The Aesthetic Foundation may require additional information on subsequent grants, papers, and presentations. You must respond to these requests. You must return unused funds to The Aesthetic Foundation within 30 days of project completion. 

You can find more details about The Aesthetic Foundation’s research grant requirements in the application form, or you can contact us with questions.