Invest in the Future of Aesthetic Surgery: Support The Aesthetic Foundation

Giving to The Aesthetic Foundation is an investment in yourself and the industry’s future.

The Aesthetic Foundation is an incredible organization supporting the advancement of aesthetic plastic surgery. Aesthetic research is essential because it helps improve aesthetic plastic surgeons' skills and knowledge, ultimately leading to better patient safety and outcomes. 

As a nonprofit, we rely on your support to fulfill our mission.

Your generosity funds research that answers aesthetics' toughest questions.

Breakthroughs are only possible when we question the status quo. What isn't working? What can we do better? How can we make procedures safer? What is there to still discover? Research is how we answer these questions and more.

Research advances our understanding of the field and leads to a better future. Our research grant program allows some of the brightest and most ambitious minds in aesthetic surgery and medicine the opportunity to answer the biggest unknowns in aesthetics. 

If you believe in the power of research or if aesthetic research directly impacts you, we encourage you to give back by donating. Making a tax-deductible gift is a way for you to be part of cutting-edge research that's improving the safety and effectiveness of aesthetic surgery and medicine. 

Your support helps make aesthetic education more accessible and inclusive. 

Research is only valuable if its findings are shared and acted upon. That's why we are committed to making aesthetic education more accessible and inclusive through our programs and scholarships. 

When you give to The Aesthetic Foundation, you help ensure the next generation of aesthetic professionals is well-educated and equipped to provide the best possible care to their patients.

Your gift could help breast cancer patients get the care they need and deserve.

Not all patients can afford the care they need. Many uninsured, underinsured, and even insured patients struggle to pay for the costs associated with their care. 

By donating to our Breast Cancer Journey Assistance Fund, you can provide much-needed financial and emotional relief to breast cancer patients who need our help.

By donating to The Aesthetic Foundation, you are contributing to the future of our industry in a meaningful way. 

Plus, all donations are tax-deductible, so you'll also get a personal benefit from your contribution. You have the opportunity to support a cause you believe in and improve the safety and effectiveness of aesthetic surgery and medicine. Will you join us?

Together, we advance aesthetics.