Revolutionizing How You Conduct Aesthetic Research

SETA makes your clinical studies and trial deployment process more efficient so that you can get better research data faster.

What is SETA?

SETA (Survey. Extraction. Transformation. Analysis) is the only Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system optimized for aesthetic research. We offer a fully configurable design portal meeting the exact needs of the study, trial, clinician, or end user.  

Who SETA Serves

SETA empowers aesthetic surgeons, clinical researchers, and industry partners to capture data points directly from research participants with customizable solutions that improve the research process.

How SETA Works

From recruitment to publishing, we're here to help.

  • Participant/Site Recruitment: The Aesthetic Foundation helps identify and recruit surgeon participants.

  • Data Collection: SETA captures required data points directly from research participants.

  • HIPAA-Compliant: SETA provides HIPAA-compliant mobile applications for both the site and patients.

  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant: SETA ensures authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality of raw electronic data and the nonrepudiation of electronic signatures.

  • Publication Assistance: The Aesthetic Foundation assists in publishing your manuscript in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

  • Learning Management System: SETA provides a study-specific multimedia training library with learning plans, manuals, and software.

Ways SETA Can Help You

We designed every feature with you in mind, addressing pain points and barriers in your current research process. 

  • A more efficient flow of data into the clinical trial database

  • Automated and streamlined inclusion of centralized assessment evaluation

  • Integration of data in real-time from multiple sources

  • Reduction of site and patient burden from multiple study site systems

  • Ensures consistency in administration to add validity to trial endpoints

  • Elimination of external data transfers

  • Flexible configuration allowing onsite, virtual, and hybrid trial designs

The Benefits of Partnering With Us

SETA's value becomes more robust thanks to added offerings only The Aesthetic Foundation can provide.

  • Patient Recruitment: We offer fully integrated recruitment and data collection with special capabilities available with the Aesthetic One Implant Registry Platform.

    • Breast Implant Registration Platform 

    • Comprehensive Breast Implant Data Collection 

    • Integrated into the SETA CDMS as a Validated Data Source

  • Media Capture and Review: By creating a repository for centralized reviewer assessment, we enable better endpoint data visibility, which improves consistency across clinicians. 

    • Media capture integrated into EDC

    • High-speed streaming upload 

    • Data packet validation

  • Informed Consent: Our comprehensive document configuration and delivery system provides a more efficient and secure consent process.

    • Configure onboarding and signatory workflows

    • Multimedia knowledge checks

    • Manage document versions


Successful research is possible with the right combination of technology and support.

  • Save time and money with optimized workflows.

  • Streamline your data access with multi-level filtering.

  • Customize your media review portal and query management.

  • Integrate your media capture with optimized high-speed upload into HIPAA-compliant cloud infrastructure.

Who Makes SETA Possible 

Led by The Aesthetic Foundation

Developed by AnzuMedical

Sponsored by Mentor

SETA’s Greater Impact 

Signing up for SETA benefits more than just you. As a 501(c)(3) organization, profits from SETA sales help fund future research grants and support The Aesthetic Foundation's mission to improve the safety and effectiveness of aesthetic surgery.


Contact us to learn how SETA can launch your clinical study.