Joining a committee, task force, or workgroup is a great way to further your contribution to The Aesthetic Foundation and have a more active role in advancing your industry.

To join a committee, you must be a member of The Aesthetic Foundation. 

If you're interested in joining a committee, we ask that you first submit an application to notify us of your interest. If an opening is available, a member of The Aesthetic Foundation will invite you to join. Due to the limited seats available, not all those interested are guaranteed a position. 

The time commitment required for each committee varies. Some committees rely on the committee members to proactively lead initiatives and meetings, while others are led by The Aesthetic Foundation's staff or leadership team.

Committees and Task Forces

Breast Cancer Journey Assistance Fund Task Force

Review applications for Breast Cancer Journey Assistance Fund to determine and approve level of funding.

Bylaws Committee

Review Bylaws edits made by Legal Counsel & staff prior to submission to the Board and membership for approval.

Career Achievement Award Steering Comittee (Ad Hoc)

Create the fundraising plan for the annual Career Achievement Award honoree(s). Actively participate in fundraising and creating the final awards presentation to the recipient(s).

Externship Program Task Force

Create the Externship Program processes and procedures for presentation to the Board. Drive marketing efforts, serve as mentors, and review all applications for the annual Program.

Finance & Investment Task Force

Review the current financial statements and investment portfolio to make recommendations to the Board.

Fund Development Committee

Review fundraising opportunities, provide feedback, and assist with fundraising efforts. Work together to implement the Development Plan as approved by the Board.

Innovative Procedures Committee

Create the Program for annual Premier Global Hot Topics course.

Mollenkopf Breast Reconstruction Fund Grant Review Committee

Review/Approve Mollenkopf Aesthetic Breast Reconstruction Fund applications.

Nominating Committee

Elected by the membership and appointed by the Board of Directors. Select applicants for the various elective offices and other elected positions on the Board of Directors for submission to the Membership.

Scientific Research Committee

Review/approve physician-initiated research grant applications and make funding recommendations to the Board. Work on special projects assigned by the Board for research purposes.

SETA Task Force

Oversee the setup and launch of studies utilizing the SETA platform and facilitate introductions to SETA with industry.