About Us

The Aesthetic Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit devoted to aesthetic research. Since our founding in 1993, we’ve played a vital role in advancing our understanding of the aesthetic field.

By funding and supporting innovative research projects, we can uncover valuable insights that positively impact the future of our industry.


Our Mission

Demand for aesthetic procedures is rapidly increasing, creating safety concerns that risk patients’ lives and misconceptions that challenge the aesthetic industry and its future.

Our mission is to improve the safety and effectiveness of aesthetic surgery and medicine.

Established in 1993, The Aesthetic Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that funds and supports unbiased research that answers the biggest unknowns in aesthetics. The groundbreaking research we’ve funded has helped save patients' lives and improve aesthetic outcomes.

Caroline Glicksman - Square
It is an accomplishment to effect positive change in my chosen profession.
Caroline Glicksman , MD, MSJ, FACS
President, The Aesthetic Foundation

Key Figures

Our research grant program allows some of the brightest and most ambitious minds in aesthetic surgery and medicine the opportunity to make a significant impact in their field.
awarded to 130 research studies since 1993
of the $3.1 million awarded to BIA-ALCL studies, more than any other organization
awarded to aesthetic education programs and patient assistance.
Research is essential for aesthetic plastic surgeons to provide the safest and most effective aesthetic treatments possible.
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Our Connected Model

We work closely with The Aesthetic Society and the Aesthetic Surgery Journal to extend the reach and impact of our mission and the research findings across the aesthetic industry.

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Our Impact Beyond Research

Research is only valuable if its findings are shared and acted upon. That's why we are committed to making aesthetic education more accessible and inclusive through our programs and scholarships. Leveraging our connection with the Aesthetic Surgery Journal (ASJ), the Aesthetic Surgery Journal Open Forum (ASJ Open Forum), and The Aesthetic Society, we ensure research findings and emerging trends are discussed and shared across the aesthetic community.

ASJ Published Research

Read Aesthetic Foundation-funded research published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

ASJ Open Forum Video Roundtables

The Aesthetic Foundation funds video roundtable discussions about the latest research and insights affecting aesthetic plastic surgery today.

Spotlight On Research

Foundation research grant recipients present an update on their in-progress or final research studies at The Aesthetic Meeting.

Our Programs

By supporting emerging talent, we help ensure the next generation of aesthetic professionals is well-educated and equipped to provide the best possible care to their patients.

Externship Program

Are you a medical student seeking mentorship in aesthetic surgery and research? Apply for an externship.

Resident Travel Scholarship

Do you need financial assistance to attend The Aesthetic Meeting? Apply for a travel scholarship.

James Stuzin Aesthetic Education Excellence Fund

Are you interested in pursuing new aesthetic education opportunities? Apply for financial support.

Your Partner for Progress

Our continued efforts and dedication to research help drive the industry forward to improve patient outcomes. 

But we can’t make this impact without your support. It’s your ideas, expertise, and contributions that make progress possible.

Together, we advance aesthetics.