Research is how we answer aesthetics' toughest questions.

Thanks to the groundbreaking research The Aesthetic Foundation has funded, we understand more about aesthetics today than ever. We've answered some of the biggest unknowns in aesthetics and gained valuable insights that helped save patients' lives and improve aesthetic outcomes. But there is still more to discover and learn. By prioritizing patient safety and investing in research, we can ensure that the industry continues to evolve and thrive. 

Aesthetic research leads to improved care.

Aesthetic research is essential because it helps aesthetic plastic surgeons improve their skills and knowledge to provide the safest and most effective aesthetic treatments possible.

Aesthetic research leads to safer patient outcomes.

We fund research that addresses problems threatening patient safety, such as filler-induced blindness, deaths from Brazilian Butt Lift procedures, and more.

Aesthetic research helps us better understand the potential risks associated with aesthetic products.

We continue to learn about the long-term effects associated with some aesthetic products. We strive to help both surgeons and patients better understand the risks and rewards related to the products surgeons use in aesthetic procedures.

Aesthetic research leads to more informed medical decision-making.

Assumptions can be dangerous and lead to the spread of unverified information, misdiagnoses, and unnecessary treatments. We believe fact-based findings from unbiased research are necessary to make more informed medical decisions.

Aesthetic research guides evidence-based regulations.

Research has the power to influence government policy to make aesthetic procedures safer for patients. Findings from Aesthetic Foundation-funded research have led to new guidelines and laws that have saved lives.

Aesthetic research drives innovation.

Aesthetic research goes beyond studying the past. We fund research projects that test new ideas, methods, and techniques to safely guide the future of aesthetics.

Advancing aesthetics starts with research. Research is possible thanks to you. 

Together, we advance aesthetics.