Volume 5, 2023, ojad041
Published on Apr 6, 2024
Jeffrey M. Kenkel, MD, FACS, et al.

The authors are pleased to present an expert video roundtable discussion on gluteal augmentation with fat, known widely as the Brazilian Butt Lift, with a focus on the patient safety bills currently being voted on by the Florida legislature. The discussants include a panel of leading experts in aesthetic surgery, and the video roundtable was recorded live at The Aesthetic Meeting 2023 in Miami, FL, USA. The panelists provide an overview of the current challenges, areas of research, and education being undertaken to improve patient safety in gluteal augmentation. As the recording took place, Florida legislators were preparing to vote on bills that would regulate how gluteal fat grafting should be performed and whether plastic surgeons, nurse, or physician's assistants should perform this procedure. The message of these panelists is singular and clear: only board-certified plastic surgeons should perform gluteal augmentation with fat in its entirety. The discussants believe that what happens in Florida represents both an opportunity and a framework for how the rest of the United States will respond to the questions posed about gluteal augmentation.

BBL Safety and Florida Legislature: What You Should Know, How You Can Help