Volume 5, 2023, ojad059
Published on Apr 6, 2024
Foad Nahai, MD, FACS, FRCS (Hon), et al.

The authors are pleased to present an expert video roundtable discussion on lip lift (Video). The discussants include a panel of leading experts in aesthetic surgery, and the video roundtable was recorded live at The Aesthetic Meeting 2023 in Miami, FL, USA. The panelists discuss the factors that have contributed to the lip lift's recent popularity, the considerations surgeons must take when performing the procedure, and share their preferred techniques to achieve the most complimentary lip for each individual patient. Though lip lifts have been performed for decades, many patients have been turning to filler in place of a lip lift. However, while fillers do create the desired plumper lip, they can also make lips look puffy and heavy, which lately has motivated patients to seek out an alternative. But above all, the panelists agree that the lip lift has social media to thank for its recent resurgence, as patients emulate the full lips of the celebrities and influencers they see online.