Volume 5, 2023, ojad060
Published on Apr 18, 2024
Jeffrey M. Kenkel, MD, FACS, et al.

The authors are pleased to present an expert video roundtable on the use of ultrasound in plastic surgery. The discussants include a panel of leading experts in aesthetic surgery, and the video roundtable was recorded live at The Aesthetic Meeting 2023 in Miami, FL, USA. The panelists describe their experiences using ultrasound in clinical procedures, the resulting contributions to safety in aesthetic surgery, its profound effect on patient experience, and ultimately its future as an indispensable tool in plastic surgery practices. Ultrasound has been available to plastic surgeons for years—in fact Dr. Brad Bengtson has utilized high-resolution ultrasound in his breast practice since the early 2000s. The use of ultrasound has become more prevalent and concerns about patient safety have brought the conversation to the national stage and news media outlets. In particular, the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), also known as gluteal augmentation, has been at the forefront of safety concerns in Miami, Florida. Several articles published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal and ASJ Open Forum contributed directly to improved outcomes and patient safety changes since ultrasound guidance provides sight into a previously blind procedure which offers unequivocal benefits.